Puppy Large Breed - Chicken Meal & Oats

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  • Hill's Science Diet Puppy Large Breed is made ideally for puppies up to 1 year, with an expected adult weight of 25kg+.
  • Rich in natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin for strong, healthy muscles and joint mobility - highly beneficial for larger breed and more active puppies.
  • Supplemented with optimal levels of calcium and naturally sourced DHA to support healthy bone growth as well as brain and eye development.
  • Blended with vitamins C + E, clinically proven to support a healthy immune system.
  • Enhanced with clinically proven antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to support healthy cognitive and immune function.
  • When your puppy reaches 11 to 12 months, begin transitioning them slowly onto Hill's Science Diet Adult Large Breed - gradually do so over a period of 7 days.

No artificial colours or preservatives



"Glucosamine is great supplement for larger breed and more active dogs. It naturally promotes joint health, increasing mobility and joint function - something larger dogs suffer with as they age"
- Leading dog behaviourist, Jo Goddard, from Canine Solutions