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Puppy Lamb & Rice

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  • BlackHawk puppy lamb & rice is formulated with all the essential nutritional needs for a rapidly growing puppy | plus it is packed with flavour
  • Blended with Australia's finest vegetables and fruits providing rich antioxidants that support puppies digestive health and immunity.
  • Made with Australian sourced rice and oats to promote endurance and support digestive health - nothing but the best for your puppy
  • When your puppy reaches 11 to 12 months, begin transitioning them slowing onto BlackHawk Adult Lamb & Rice
  • Suitable for small to medium breed puppies.

100% real | 100% natural | 0% fillers | 0% nasties




"When changing from puppy food to adult, be sure to do the transition slowly to avoid any tummy upsets - do so by mixing the two kibbles together, gradually weaning out the puppy food over the span of 1-2 weeks"
- Leading dog behaviour specialist, Jo Goddard, from Canine Solutions