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My PetKit - Fresh Metal - Smart Bowl

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  • Concise and elegant outlook with a 1.7L capacity, contains up to 750 grams of food, the perfect bowl size for mid to large-sized dogs.

  • Accurate weighing - supports 4 units to calculate weight - grams, ounces, pounds and millilitres.

  • Healthy feeding – enter your dog’s basic information - weight, food type and breed in the PETKIT App and you will get unique suggestions of daily feed in-take, making your pet’s eating scientifically and healthier.

  • As a precision designed electronic device, it has a waterproof exterior screen as well as buttons located inside a sealed battery box with a drainage hole at the bottom of the bowl to make it possible to be wash, just like ordinary bowls.

  • Removable inner stainless steel bowl - is corrosion-free, acid-resistant and uses bio clean material which can effectively inhibit bacteria from forming constantly.  It is easy to remove, convenient to wash and dishwasher safe!

  • Anti-overflow design - the wrap-around design on the external part of the bowl can prevent the food from spilling when being poured out.

  • 5° inclination angle - bowl edge has an inclination of 5 degrees to make eating more comfortable for your dog.

  • Easy-to-see screen – inclined at a 37° angle for you to easily read the data on the screen.

  • Anti-skidding mat - The mat is has ripple lines to ensure the bowl won’t skid easily.

  • Your dog’s colourful personality needs a colourful design!  The Fresh Metal bowl comes in four stylish colours for you to choose: Ocean Blue, Coral Orange, Wood Texture, Space Grey.


Jo Goddard at Canine Solutions - leading dog behaviour specialist in
Wellington recommends this bowl to accurately measure your dog’s food to
ensure they don’t get overweight. Jo also recommends not leaving food
down all day for your dog to graze.