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Front Clip Harness - Shaka

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  • Make every walk a breeze with our Front Clip Harnesses!
  • These harnesses are the perfect combination of design and functionality.
  • The front O-ring lead attachment encourages your pup to walk next to you without pulling and the harnesses are fully adjustable for use while your pup is still growing. 
  • Easy to put on, you simply pop your pup's head so the O-ring is on their chest and then clip the lower strap around their body and behind their front legs.
  • Powder coated fittings.
  • Soft and resistant.
  • Four point safety buckle.
  • Rubber logo.
  • When cleaning your harness, we always recommend the use of neutral soap.
  • Let it air dry in the shade and avoid washing it frequently. 
  • Rinse after use at the beach.



Jo Goddard at Canine Solutions - leading dog behaviour specialist in Wellington recommends walking your dog on a harness or face collar rather
than on a normal collar to avoid damage to their trachea. It is advisable to train your dog not to pull on the lead so you have better control.