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Fresh Metal Bowl - Ocean Blue

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  • Combined with the Pet Kit app, the amount of food can be calculated according to your pet’s profile, like weight, age, breed, food brand ect. Therefore pet owners will get a food quantity suggestion and with the help of the weighable bowl, they can feed more accurately everyday.
  • Fresh Smart bowl uses bio clean act material which can effectively inhibit bacteria from forming constantly.
  • As a precision designed electronic device, it has a waterproof exterior screen as well as buttons located inside a sealed battery box with a drainage hole at the bottom of the bowl to make it possible to be wash, just like ordinary bowls.



Jo Goddard at Canine Solutions - leading dog behaviour specialist in
Wellington recommends this bowl to accurately measure your dog’s food to
ensure they don’t get overweight. Jo also recommends not leaving food
down all day for your dog to graze.