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Everyday Shampoo

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  • Enriched with natural coconut oil, aloe vera and chamomile to get the dirtiest dog sparkling clean.
  • Gentle cleansing formulation makes Yours Droolly shampoo suitable for every day use.
  • Natural cleansing coconut oil for gentle everyday bath.
  • Chamomile to calm inflamed, sensitive skin.
  • Aloe vera extract to repair skin and reduce dandruff.
  • Natural vanilla essence.
  • Ph Balanced.
  • Biodegradable.
  • 100% soap free.
  • Size - 500ml.



Jo Goddard at Canine Solutions - leading dog behaviour specialist in
Wellington recommends never to use human shampoo, conditioner or any
other soaps to wash your dog. They can be too harsh and may cause skin