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Trixie Lead 'n' Walk Harness

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  • Training harness.
  • Leading without the use of force.
  • Inhibits trial of strength between dog and master.
  • Encourages 'heel' walking.
  • With shoulder padding.
  • Easy handling, easy to put on.
  • For training purposes, not for continuous use as a walking harness.
  • Once work with the harness is successful, it can be used without the stop lead.



Jo Goddard at Canine Solutions - leading dog behaviour specialist in
Wellington recommends using an Lead 'n' Walk harness to help teach your dog
the expectation of walking beside you.

Jo recommends that the Trixie Lead 'n' Walk Harness is better suited for small to medium sized dogs or dogs with bandy elbows where they may slip out of
other conventional walking harnesses.

Safety Tip:
Jo Goddard at Canine Solutions - leading dog behaviour
specialist in Wellington also recommends not to leave the harness on your
puppy/dog unsupervised for safety reasons.