Double Trouble Led Collars - Small

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  • If trouble is your dog's middle name, then Dog Lite's double trouble led collar is your match.
  • Utilising dual fibre optic strips as a great fashion statement and to bring to life Dog Lite's led option.
  • Double trouble is a comfortable and highly adjustable everyday collar.
  • Whether running rampant through the bush or playing with a crowd at the local park, double your fun with double trouble.


Safety Tip:
Jo Goddard at Canine Solutions - leading dog behaviour specialist in Wellington recommends;

- When fitting a collar, always make sure you can fit two fingers underneath.

- Not to leave any collar on your dog when left playing with other dogs unsupervised, for safety reasons.

- If your dog shows any signs of irritation around the neck area or the collar is letting off an odour take the collar off and seek Veterinarian advice.