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Bulldog Adult

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  • Royal Canin Bulldog Adult is a breed-based formula, specifically designed for adult and mature Bulldog's, over 1 years of age.
  • Formulated with essential fatty and amino acids as well as antioxidants to help support the skin's protective "barrier" and maintain skin health - this could be highly beneficial to a Bulldog's skin sensitivities. 
  • Supplemented with glucosamine and chondroitin to promote muscled and joint health as well as mobility. 
  • Made with highly digestible proteins and high-quality carbohydrate sources, this diet supports good digestive health, flatulence and bad stool odour. 
  • A kibble designed exclusively to suit a brachycephalic jaw - to make it easier for the Bulldog to pick up, the kibble has been designed into a wave shape encouraging chewing.
  • Available in only 12kg bags.



"The food you feed your dog can sometimes have a big impact on their behaviour. Make sure your dog is on a good quality diet to prevent any unwanted behavioural issues."
- Leading dog behaviourist, Jo Goddard, from Canine Solutions