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Adult 1-6 Savoury Stew with Chicken & Vegetable

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  • Hill's Science Diet Adult Savoury Stew provides a well-balanced, nutritional meal for your dog - plus it is packed with flavour!
  • Blended with real chicken, brown rice and a mixture of appetizing vegetables, all smothered in a delicious gravy.
  • A perfect addition for a more fussier dog - lace their dry biscuits with a spoonful of meat.
  • Formulated with ideal levels of top quality, lean protein to enhance the overall well-being for a happy, healthy dog.
  • A highly palatable chicken formula, designed to support ideal body conditions and weight to keep your dog fit and healthy.
  • Available only in a 363g can.




"Once you have opened a can of wet dog food, ensure you cover and refrigerate the unused portion to avoid spoiling the meal" 
- Leading dog behaviourists, Jo Goddard, from Canine Solutions