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Adult 100% Grain Free Kangaroo

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  • BlackHawk grain free kangaroo dog food, packs one heck of a kick when it comes to protein, iron and omega 3, which promote muscle growth and healthier joints.
  • Ideal for dogs prone to dietary sensitivities, or for those who wish to feed a grain free diet.
  • Made from a high protein recipe, complete with Australia's finest vegetables, fruits, oils and essential vitamins & minerals to support your dog's overall health
  • Containing 0% grains and gluten - using sweet potato as alternative source of carbohydrate, which supports digestion and bowel health
  • Suitable for all breeds of adult dogs.

 100% real | 100% natural | 0% grains | 0% fillers | 0% nasties.


"Grain free is a great diet for dogs with grain allergies or dietary sensitivities, as it's packed with protein & has 0 grains & gluten"
- Leading dog behaviourist, Jo Goddard, from Canine Solutions