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Adult Fish & Potato

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  • BlackHawk Fish & Potato is formulated with a protein source of ocean fish & salmon - ideal for dogs with allergies or an intolerance to other protein sources found in dog food.
  • Packed with quality energy sources such as, potato, oats & rice, for easy digestion - perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  • Rich in omega 3 fatty acids to promote healthy skin & coat condition.
  • Suitable for all breeds of adult dogs.
  • Made from Australia's highest quality sourced meats, grains fresh vegetable and fruit.
100% real | 100% natural | 0% fillers | 0% nasties




    "If your dog suffers from skin allergies or has a sensitive stomach, BlackHawk Fish & Potato is for you! I have seen some amazing results throughout my recent years of training, highly recommend."
    - Leading dog behaviour specialist, Jo Goddard, from Canine Solutions